ISO Management Certifications Achieved

ISO Management Certifications Achieved

Response Cleaning is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards and actively pursue continual improvement to minimise risk, maximise quality and reduce our impact on the environment.

This commitment has triumphantly been reaffirmed by Response Cleaning achieving ISO Certifications to three management System standards; ISO 9001, AS:4801, ISO 14001, from "Best Practice Certification". ISO 9001:2008 is awarded for the successful implementation of Quality Management Systems, while AS 4801:2001 and ISO 14001:2004 certify the adherence to Occupational Health & Safety and Environment Management Systems.

Carbon Neutral Products & NoC02 Certification

Carbon Neutral Products & NoC02 Certification

Response Cleaning Pty Ltd is committed to the provision of high quality cleaning maintenance services and its corporate social responsibility to the environment. The task of minimising the impact of human induced climate change will be one of the major challenges of the 21st Century. With this in mind, Response Cleaning has started the process of reducing its impact on the climate. In July 2009, Response Cleaning achieved its Carbon Neutral Products & NoC02 Certification and has abated over 500 tonnes of C02 since joining the program, which is the equivalent to taking almost 200 cars off the road for an entire year.

The NoC02 standard is the highest level of certification offered by the Carbon Reduction Institute. It means that our company has completely removed its climate change impacts. NoC02 certified companies can display the NoC02 logo to market and communicate their carbon neutrality. Certification is authenticated through an audit by CRI engineers that determine our operational emissions, the purchase of carbon offsets, and a monitoring process that ensures that our company continues to leave a zero carbon footprint ongoing.

For further information please read the Carbon Reduction Institutes case study report, located in the Management system Section on this site.

Integrated Management System (IMS)

The Response Cleaning Integrated Management System (IMS) consists of a series of documents and manuals that are represented as a pyramid of Policies, objectives, targets and strategic documents, flowing into operational manuals for procedural information at all levels with in the organisation.

The Integrated Management System [IMS) is the electronics management system and is the underpinning system that draws the business management of the Response Cleaning functions pertaining to quality of service, OH&S compliance and environmental management together. The function of the IMS is to provide general policies and procedures for the delivery of the Response Cleaning range of cleaning and maintenance support services in accordance with Australian Standards, Legislation, Codes of Practice and general business practices. The IMS provides the basis for Response Cleaning to operate in a safe, professional and profitable manner while conforming with the quality, safety and environmental standards as they apply to the cleaning industry. The company's specific aims and policies on quality, safety and environmental management are contained within the IMS pyramid.

The IMS is managed electronically using the Response Cleaning Intranet, accessible from head or support offices, site and subcontractor locations (with appropriate electronic mechanisms and access permissions). The core of the Response Cleaning Intranet is the Management System which holds the controlled/ approved IMS documents. Documents are accessed via browsing the categories within the structure or using the search engine. All documents that are within the Management System on the Intranet shall be considered current and applicable to the operations of Response Cleaning, irrespective of whether they are expressly referenced in this or any other manual or plan.